Outcall Service Items


Chinese-style Massage   Interpreter Escort Service
Tantric Massage   Oil Massage
Romantic Massage   Four Hands Massage
Thai massage ____ Limousine Serivce


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lncall Service ltem

Whole Body Massage (single room) : Chinese-style Massage、Hong Kong-style Massage、 Thai Massage、Janpanese Massage 、Oil Massage、Tantric Massage.

Lobby Items: Head Massage、Feet Massage、Foot Aroma Massage 、Ear Cleaning、 Shoulders-Back Massage、Aroma Shoulders-Back Massage、Manicure.
Chinese medicine: Gua Sha 、 Chinese therapy、 Chinese Cupping  .

Other facilities: Indoor and outdoor bar,、 indoor swimming pools 、Cafe and restraunt 、Chinese Restraunt、KTV、SPA、hydrotherapeutics world, catering, cigar and wine room, beauty and salon, tennis, table tennis, fitness,  and other projects .

Warm tip:

1.The spa offers mormal massage service only in P-Club, no special service .
2.Some interpreter escort girls are part-time, they do not work in the night club. Thank you for your understanding!